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04/30/2016 - Common allergy meds can turn your mind to mush!

Allergies acting up? This time of year…with the jasmine in bloom…the grass growing tall…the mold spores thriving…if you sneeze even once in public, you’re bound to get a single piece of advice. Take some Benadryl! And sure, it’ll dry up those watery eyes and keep your allergy symptoms at bay — but new research reveals […]

04/29/2016 - Don’t poison your face to beat headaches

Whatever happened to aging gracefully? Turn on the TV or crack open a magazine, and you’ll see once-beautiful starlets looking more like House of Wax versions of themselves. They’re all rigid, shiny and stiff with a phony smile frozen in place…and it’s not because of age. It’s because of what they think will fight the […]

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