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Statin Drugs Impair Brain Function

Statin Drugs Impair Brain Function

Statin drugs cause mental “static”

I know I’ve mentioned cholesterol drugs a lot in the last year or so, both in Real Health and in the Daily Dose. But new research findings keep cropping up almost daily, it seems, that tell us new things about these harmful patent medications — and their “benefits.”

For instance, research unveiled at last fall’s meeting of the American Heart Association revealed that a commonly prescribed “statin” drug for lowering cholesterol might actually impair patients’ brain function — even so far as to affect their ability to perform everyday tasks, like drive a car. The study pinpointed measurable decreases in attention span and psychomotor reflex speed among the subject group when compared to the un-medicated control group

But here’s the really incriminating part: Those patients who experienced the greatest decreases in blood cholesterol also suffered the greatest levels of impairment! Interesting, huh?

I mention these findings to you now because I know the mainstream press will never pick up the story — but also because some medical authorities estimate that in the very near future, half of the adult U.S. population could be taking cholesterol-lowering medications. That’s right — if conventional doctors and the “drug thugs” have their way, every other one of us will be stumbling around in a statin stupor! But what’s not clear is whether the impairment is caused by the drugs themselves — or the lack of cholesterol

I suspect it’s the latter. Why? Because low cholesterol levels have been linked to numerous other health issues directly related to the brain — things like violent behavior, depression, mood swings, stroke risk and other problems. Maybe now, we should add “impaired brain functioning” to that list.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now: Unless your cholesterol climbs over 300, forget about it — even the “ratio” of LDL to HDL that so many conventional doctors make such a fuss about. For heart health, concentrate instead on DHEA, testosterone (for both men and women), and homocysteine levels. And be sure to supplement with plenty of folic acid, B vitamins, and CoQ10, too

Just leave the statin drugs alone — unless you’re suffering from an excess of IQ or terminal euphoria.

It’s not easy being blue,
William Campbell Douglass II, MD

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