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Are biopsies safe?

Q: Are biopsies safe?

I have heard that a prostate biopsy can possibly spread cancer, or cause other complications. Is this true?

A: Cancer tests are big business – especially for the medical establishments that make money hand over fist by capitalizing on everyone’s fear of the Big C. But in general, I’m not a fan of cancer testing – and I’m especially opposed to needle biopsies.

Let me say this right up front: NEVER EVER get a needle biopsy. Most people, including many doctors, don’t think of a needle as a knife. But if you look at a hypodermic needle under a magnifying glass, you’ll see that it’s beveled (ground down on one side) into a sharp, cutting edge. Essentially, it is a tiny, hollow knife. Experiments have demonstrated that after sticking a needle into cancer tissue, cancer cells can be found in the bloodstream.

When doctors remove lumps suspected of being cancerous, surgeons go to great pains to cut well beyond the edges of the tumor-because if they cut into a cancer, they will spread it throughout the body. So why is it that they go brain dead and jab needles with knife-like edges into tissues suspected of being cancer?

More and more doctors are admitting that for the average person, who shows no symptoms and who has no family history of disease, it’s a “little premature” (translation: useless, and even downright dangerous) to undergo routine cancer screening. And in reality, it’s more than premature-it’s downright dangerous. The heavily pushed PSA tests and mammograms are two that come to mind right away (though they’re certainly not the only ones).

If you’re worried about cancer and feel like you’ve got to take some sort of test to evaluate your risk, get the AMAS-the Anti-Malignin Antibody Screen. This test is the best by far as a screen for cancer anywhere in your body.

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