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If meat is murder, then salad is slaughter

Vegans love to climb up on their organic soapboxes and claim the high ground… because no animals die for their food.

But is it any better to kill plants?

Heck no… botanists have always known that plants–like the rest of us–have instincts, behavior and a will to live too… and a recent article in the New York Times offers some real food for thought.

I’ll bet the vegans will have a hard time digesting this one!

Plants communicate. When attacked, they’ll even defend themselves. Not enough to stop the average vegetarian from crunching on them, but they’re pretty good at turning away insects and other threats. For example, a plant being attacked by a caterpillar can send out a chemical signal that calls out to insects and parasites that eat caterpillars.

This is backed up by science–talk to some botanists. They’ll tell you that plants can be ruthless competitors: They will move, shift and grow in ways to get the most sun for themselves while shading and even strangling others… and then suck up all the nutrients from the ground before neighboring plants can.

You could take all that and decide that we simply shouldn’t eat anything… ever. Or you can be practical about it and realize that, as the dominant species on the planet, we humans can eat all the plants and animals we want.

To the victors go the spoils. For a few shining moments, that’s us… but don’t worry. The plants win–eventually, we all end up as fertilizer.

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