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Soda’s diabetes link

Want to slurp sugary drinks all day? Be prepared to pay the price.

It doesn’t matter what you weigh — you could have a perfect waistline and a handsome profile — all that soda slurping will do you in eventually, and a new study proves it.

Researchers say they’ve found that sugary drinks like soda don’t just boost the diabetes risk in fat people — they can also cause slender slurpers to get the disease as well.

In the new analysis, researchers looked at 11 studies that measured soda intake in more than 300,000 patients.

They found those who had a soda or two a day had a 26 percent increased risk of diabetes, and a 20 percent increased risk of metabolic syndrome.

When they adjusted for body mass, those numbers fell — but only by about half, which means even slim people can get diabetes if they keep sucking down soda.

But seriously, what’d you expect? It’s what I’ve been saying all along — weight alone isn’t the only factor in any health risk, even one as closely linked to obesity as diabetes.

It’s the sugar, and if you’re ingesting it in any form, you may as well be hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

It’s that damaging.

Liquid sugar — including soda, “sweet” tea, sports drinks, juice-drinks and energy drinks — is the worst form of all, because it causes the blood-sugar circuit to go haywire with quick spikes and rapid freefalls.

And if you short that circuit one too many times, eventually it’ll burn out for good — and you’ll be left sick and diabetic, no matter what you weigh.

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