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Autism hoax… or vaccine witch hunt?

Immunization researcher hit with fraud allegations

Start pounding those stakes into the ground and gather up some firewood — we’ve got a witch to burn.

Today’s witch: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, now accused of fabricating the research in his landmark 1998 study that linked vaccinations to autism.

And if he really did fake his work, then burn, baby, burn.

But before you set that fire, ask yourself why so many people are so hellbent on destroying this man — and what they’re so afraid of.

After all, Dr. Wakefield never told anyone not to vaccinate a child. He’s not even against vaccinations.

All he did was suggest that the ludicrous combo vaccinations that overwhelm young immune systems be split up into a series of individual shots — or at least allow parents the option to choose between the two.

That doesn’t sound very radical to me — but you should have seen Anderson Cooper go after Dr. Wakefield on his CNN show the other night. You would’ve thought he found a Nazi war criminal instead of a relatively minor threat to one of the world’s biggest, most powerful and most crooked industries.

If you want some witches, I’ve got a much better place for you to bring your torches: to the offices of drug company bosses and their public health lackeys who push needless vaccine after needless vaccine on children around the world.

I don’t know if these things really cause autism, but it doesn’t matter — because I do know this: Many of these shots are dangerous, unnecessary and ineffective.

You heard me right. Despite the mainstream’s mantra that “vaccines have saved millions of lives,” let’s take the scientific point of view on this: Prove it.

That’s how science works, right?

But you can’t prove it, because it’s just not true — the very diseases that launched the vaccination movement in the early 20th century were already on the decline before a single arm was ever poked!

These vaccines didn’t end disease — better living conditions, improved sanitation and the greater overall health of advancing society did that.

But while scientists can’t prove that vaccines have worked, I can prove they’ve harmed millions — and exposed millions more to serious and unacceptable risk while undermining our natural immunity.

In one case, 11 million British kids were given polio shots contaminated with mad cow disease. In a separate case of contaminated polio vaccinations, millions of Americans were “accidentally” injected with a virus known to cause brain tumors.

You want more? I’ve got plenty. Remember the Lyme disease vaccine? If you don’t, that’s because it was quickly pulled off the market after being linked to a severe and crippling form of arthritis.

Then there’s that dangerous HPV vaccine I’ve been warning you about, still on the market despite dozens of deaths and thousands of adverse events among little girls across the country.

And don’t even get me started on flu shots… or the millions sickened or hurt through the known and expected side effects of “perfectly good” vaccines.

You want to burn a witch, then c’mon baby light that fire — just make sure you burn the right one.

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