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Back on top in the bedroom

Turn your sex life around with the ram’s horn

The ram’s horn sounds again!

I’ve already told you how an extract made from the seed of the ram’s horn clover has been turning men into sexual superstars.

Now, a new study shows again why you shouldn’t even consider this stuff unless you AND your partner are absolutely prepared to cope with unmatched drive and ability.

It’s not an easy thing to handle, and I mean that.

Australian researchers randomly assigned 60 healthy men between the ages of 25 and 52 years old to either 600 mg of a ram’s horn clover extract called Testofen, or a placebo, every day for six weeks.

The men who got the extract probably realized pretty quickly they weren’t taking dummy pills — 81 percent of them reported a real “rise” in bedroom performance, versus zippo in the placebo group, according to the study in Phytotherapy Research.

This wasn’t some one-and-done deal, either — because 66 percent reported an increase in recovery time.

Put another way, this stuff turns “maybe tomorrow” into “again — already?!?!”

Now, ram’s horn clover is also known as fenugreek, as in the Middle Eastern spice — but don’t expect to get this kind of boost from cooking with the stuff or even from a garden-variety supplement.

The real power of the ram’s horn is locked inside a compound hidden deep inside the seeds, saponin glycosides — and while other supplements use the herb itself or ground-up seeds, Testofen is a powerful concentration of just those amazing sex-boosting saponins.

How powerful? The proof is in the pudding: It can turn what I call the “T-minus” condition back into a plus.

In one study, men who took this stuff for eight weeks had a 96-percent increase in free testosterone levels, double the boost of those who took a placebo.

And in another, researchers found it boosted sexual activity in mice to the same degree as Viagra.

Full disclosure here: As I’ve told you before, Testofen is at the heart of my own Ultimate Vigor supplement.

But even if it wasn’t, you can bet I’d still be telling you about it — and taking it myself.

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