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The chemo fraud exposed

The cancer cat’s out of the bag now: An FDA panel has accidentally admitted that chemo is completely and utterly ineffective.

OK, so they didn’t actually come right out and put it that way — but read between the lines here, and it’s hard to reach any other conclusion.

The panel was actually asked to rule on a new device that’s supposed to treat recurrent glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer that’s a death sentence for most people.

The device is called the NovoTTF, and it looks like a shower cap packed with electrodes attached to a portable power pack. It goes with you everywhere… and for 18 hours a day, it sends waves of electricity right into your brain.

Sounds crazy, I know — but it’s way saner than poisoning people with radiation, and a whole lot safer, too. The NovoTTF doesn’t hurt or even tingle, and it comes with zero side effects beyond an easily treatable rash on the scalp.

And it even works, a little.

In one clinical trial, patients who wore the device lived an average of 6.6 months, versus 6 months for chemo patients. NovoTTF patients were also more likely to survive a year, 23.6 percent versus 20.8 percent for chemo.

That may not seem very effective, but when you’ve been given a death sentence you’ll take every extra day you can get.

Just don’t tell that to the FDA panel — half the members were so unimpressed they voted against the NovoTTF on effectiveness.

If you want to take that point of view, be my guest — but what does that say about the standard mainstream treatment that had a LOWER survival rate, LOWER odds of living a year, and potentially deadly side effects?

Exactly what I’ve said all along: Chemo is a massive and expensive fraud, a non-treatment that sickens and kills more people than it ever “cures.”

And it’s utterly ineffective to boot.

Fortunately, the chair of the panel broke the 6-6 tie by voting in favor of the new device… and now final approval is in the FDA’s hands.

But if you’re facing a battle with cancer of any kind, don’t wait for the feds to save you — take action now and save yourself instead.

I have everything you need to know about beating cancer — without toxic drugs, poisonous radiation, or even brain zaps.

Read this… and I’ll show you what “effective” really means.

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