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The new case against aspartame

Europe launches probe into diet sweetener

The fix is in!

European lawmakers have ordered the European Food Safety Authority (their equivalent of the FDA) to re-open the case against aspartame.

And the EFSA is none too happy about it.

A spokeswoman told the news media that the EFSA has examined this artificial sweetener repeatedly, and “has never had any indication that aspartame presents a risk in terms of genotoxicity or carcinogenesis.”

They’ve “never had any indication” because they’ve never bothered to look! Funny how it works that way.

They actually did begin a review into the safety of aspartame, but in 2009 they cut it short. Why? Because they claimed they couldn’t find anyone who was actually hurt by aspartame.

I guess they must have missed the study last year that showed that two servings of diet soda increased the risk of premature birth by 38 percent, while four servings a day boosted it by 78 percent. (Read the story here.)

It was a study out of Europe and even funded by the EU — but the European Food Safety Authority wanted nothing to do with it.

They also must have conveniently overlooked another recent study out of Europe — Italy in this case — that found a link between aspartame and cancer in lab rats at doses equivalent to what humans regularly digest.

And once again, the EFSA pulled the see-no-evil routine.

“EFSA has therefore found no reason to revise its previously established daily admissible dose of aspartame of 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight,” the spokeswoman said.

These guys are giving the FDA a run for its money!

I haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to the dangers of aspartame. If you want the full story, read this — but only if you think you can handle the uncensored truth.

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