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Can oral sex really cause cancer?

Sex fears being used to push vaccines

There’s a new cancer boogeyman on the scene — and for once, it has nothing to do with tobacco.

HPV viruses transmitted during oral sex are now supposedly the “leading cause” of all head and neck cancers, responsible for 73 percent of them — including the throat and tongue cancers that have always been blamed (wrongly) on smoking.

But to believe that, the researchers behind this “discovery” admit you also have to believe oral sex is on the rise, as if people are only just learning about the act.

Yeah, right. That was my reaction, too.

But you and I both know what this is REALLY all about: Vaccinations. Along with the with oral sex/cancer link, the researchers also “discovered” that the cancer-causing strains of HPV transmitted during this newly popular sex act just so happen to be the same strains blocked by vaccines.

What a coincidence.

And in case docs reading the study didn’t get that wink-wink message to begin pushing the vaccine on boys as well as girls, an editorial published with the study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology drives it home: “Prevention through vaccination will almost certainly be the ultimate solution.”

Almost certainly??? There’s not a single study on HPV vaccines and head-and-neck cancers — how could they be almost certain of anything?

Forget the “almost,” here are the true certainties: HPV shots were originally approved for girls, supposedly to prevent cervical cancer — but they actually offer only very limited protection and for a very limited time.

When it comes to risk, however, the sky’s the limit: HPV shots have been linked to thousands of horrific problems, including a debilitating nerve disorder and dozens of deaths — and the feds were caught red-handed last year trying to cover them up.

Parents are no dummies — they’ve heard the horror stories and they’ve been keeping their girls away from these shots in droves… so now, researchers are cooking up new reasons to get more people vaccinated, including boys.

Like a phony scare over oral sex. Don’t fall for it.

I’m not done with vaccinations yet. Keep reading for more on one of the country’s most rapidly growing movements.

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