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BUSTED! Raw milk lies exposed

Freedom Friday: The fight for your right to drink milk

The media is practically hyperventilating over an “outbreak” in Pennsylvania linked to bacteria in raw milk — and naturally, all the experts are lining up to wag their fingers and lecture us on the supposed risks of fresh dairy.

Now, I won’t downplay anyone’s illness, including the few dozen people who are recovering in Pennsylvania as I write this.

But there are nearly TEN MILLION raw milk drinkers in this country, according to the government’s own numbers. So if this stuff is that dangerous, why aren’t MORE people sick?

Answer: Because raw milk is actually one of the safest foods you can put into your body — and the government’s own numbers prove it!

Out of those 10 million raw milk drinkers, anywhere from a few dozen to a hundred or so people are sickened in any given year. That’s an illness rate of roughly a thousandth of a percent, give or take, depending on the year.

Meanwhile, everything else — all the foods the feds claim are safe, including “fresh” produce — poison 25 percent of the nation every single year, or 75 million Americans.

My friends at the Weston A. Price Foundation crunched the government’s numbers last year and found that you’re actually 35,000 times more likely to get sick off anything other than raw milk.

But I don’t need to see the numbers to know how safe this stuff is. I drink it myself every single day, and I’ve never suffered from anything other than a thirst for more.

It’s not just that this stuff tastes better than the watered down swill sold in supermarkets. Real raw milk is packed with beneficial bacteria and crucial enzymes — all of which are murdered by pasteurization.

That’s why raw milk has been shown to aid digestion, fight illness, and even cure everything from asthma to autism — and that’s why even some of the very people sickened in the latest outbreak are on record as saying they plan to keep drinking it.

Think they know something you don’t? You bet they do — but it’s a secret you can share right now. Just ignore the fearmongering and find your own supply of fresh raw milk.

You’ll never drink the supermarket stuff again.

I’m not done with food safety yet. Keep reading for more on the outbreaks you HAVEN’T heard about.

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