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More evidence that low cholesterol is deadly

Of all the bad advice being dished out daily by the mainstream, the notion that you need to lower your cholesterol is among the very worst.

Not only do you NOT need to lower it, but you might need to raise it — and the latest research shows why: Low cholesterol levels can GIVE YOU CANCER!

Researchers compared the cholesterol levels of 201 cancer patients to those of 402 cancer-free people, and not just while the patients were sick. They dug through 20 years’ worth of records, and found a consistent trend: The cancer patients had a long history of picture-perfect low cholesterol levels.

Of course, the researchers behind this study say don’t panic — keep lowering your cholesterol anyway, because it’s good for your heart.


Cholesterol — even LDL cholesterol — isn’t the “bad” guy it’s been made out to be. Every part of your body needs it, starting with your heart, and low levels can actually cause the very cardiovascular problems you’re trying to avoid.

Low cholesterol can also cause or worsen memory problems, weaken your muscles, and even ruin your sex life. Not surprisingly, these are also the major side effects of many cholesterol-lowering drugs.

One study out of Japan even found that people with low cholesterol have shorter lives.

And you still think you need to lower yours? NO WAY!

Forget the HDL vs LDL business and just look at your total cholesterol. If it falls below 200, fry up some steak and eggs — you have some catching up to do.

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