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Poor sleep can make you fat, sick, and diabetic

Not getting enough sleep? Asleep at all the wrong times? Consider this your wakeup call — because poor sleep habits can throw your metabolism so far out of whack you’ll end up with diabetes or worse… MUCH worse.

An early trip to permanent sleep isn’t out of the question here.

In three weeks of experiments, researchers began altering the sleep schedules of 21 otherwise healthy volunteers.

Well, they WERE healthy. Wait ‘til you see what happened after they were limited to five and a half hours of shuteye in each 24-hour period — and not always at night — during those three weeks.

Three of them suffered such drastic changes in blood sugar levels that they became pre-diabetic. They rest didn’t fare much better.

In fact, their metabolisms slowed so much that, over the course of a year, it would add up to roughly 12 pounds of gained weight. And similar poor sleep habits over the course of a decade or two… well… take a look around.

We’re sleeping less than ever, and we’re not exactly the picture of health.

Now, I don’t know how many people are sleeping that poorly night after night and getting their sleep at scattered times to boot, so I don’t know how truly practical this study is.

But I do know this: Poor sleep habits can do a number on your metabolism AND up your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline, sexual malfunction, and even death — and all that’s all been proven before, even in people who get their “too-little sleep” only at night.

But whatever you do don’t turn to meds for help here. As I told you last month, common sleep drugs can up your risk of death by more than 5 times.

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