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The ‘forbidden food’ that can stop cancer in its tracks

How cholesterol beats cancer

Everyone’s telling you not to eat it. Taxes are being imposed to stop you from buying it, and you can bet laws are being passed to ban it completely.

But without cholesterol, you’d drop dead — because despite what you’ve heard, your body actually NEEDS this stuff.

Just a few weeks ago, I told you how low cholesterol levels have been consistently linked to a higher risk of cancer. But no matter how many times the link is made, researchers claim it’s just an “association,” and urge you to keep avoiding cholesterol anyway.

Time to tell them to stick an egg in it, because the latest research shows it’s a heckuva lot more than an association. In fact, this one shows exactly how cholesterol protects you from cancer.

It starts with a set of proteins called ORPs, or oxysterol-binding proteins. In a set of experiments, researchers discovered that these proteins play a critical role in cell growth — and, when left unchecked, they cause cells to grow wildly out of control.

And yes, that’s the very definition of cancer.

So what keeps them in check? Cholesterol!

In fact, when researchers engineered ORPs that could no longer bind to cholesterol, cell growth went haywire — which is exactly what you don’t want in your body.

Naturally, there’s already talk of creating new cells that mimic cholesterol so you can get the same results without the actual cholesterol — and you can bet it won’t work half as well and will come with side effects to boot.

But since it will be manufactured, rather than natural, someone can slap a patent on it and charge you an arm and a leg for the privilege of using it.

Don’t even waste your time. You get the real thing at no extra cost from steak, eggs, bacon, and all the foods you already love… but have been told you shouldn’t eat.

Eat ’em anyway, because despite what you’ve heard cholesterol can help protect everything from your brain to your heart. And for more on why you NEED cholesterol visit my Daily Dose online archives at and search the word “cholesterol.”

Now grab a beer and kick back — because I’ve got good news on another “bad” habit.

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