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How fish oil lowers your risk of dementia

Fish oil boosts your brainpower

When they say “fish is brain food,” they’re not kidding — because the fatty acids found in fish oil are just about the best possible things you could pump into your noggin.

This is no surprise, of course, because I’ve told you about the brain-friendly benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish (and grass-fed meats) so often I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

But in case there are any lingering doubts, a new study of 1,200 dementia-free New York seniors backs it up yet again — because the ones with the highest dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids just so happened to have the lowest blood levels of beta amyloid, a protein linked to dementia.

That’s all good. But as far as studies go, this one wasn’t exactly what I’d call “top notch.”

Even though the researchers took blood from the patients to measure beta amyloid, they didn’t bother to use those same blood samples to measure omega-3.

Instead, they relied on questionnaires — not exactly the best way to establish omega-3 levels.

But like I said, we’ve got an endless number of other studies on this — including plenty that did look at actual blood levels of omega-3s. They’ve found, time and again, that not only do high blood levels prevent dementia, but they also slow the rate of “brain shrinkage.”

All our brains shrink as we age, but a faster shrinkage is usually a sign of impending dementia. If omega-3s can slow it down, then you want your omega-3s.

You can get them from fatty fish and grass-fed meats — but the consistently best way to get the high levels needed for brain protection is via a supplement. Add one today… before you forget.

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