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Garlic proven to be more effective than common antibiotics

Garlic kills bugs dead

One of the worst disease-causing stomach bacteria of all has met its match — and if you’re like me, you’re going to love the taste of this one.

Researchers say the Campylobacter jejuni bacteria responsible for some 2.5 million cases of food poisoning every year can be stopped cold by diallyl sulfide — a compound found inside garlic.

That’s a trick even most antibiotics can’t pull off, so until now the best “treatment” for Campylobacter jejuni has been to wait for the diarrhea and stomach pain to end.

Smart docs know this and don’t even bother with meds. The rest prescribe erythromycin or ciprofloxacin — a waste of everyone’s time, since neither antibiotic can penetrate the biofilm that the bacteria often hide behind.

Both meds also come with their own risk of diarrhea and stomach pain, so all you REALLY get from this “treatment” is a chance to double your displeasure.

Diallyl sulfide, on the other hand, can break through that biofilm like the Kool-Aid Man…OH YEAH! — making it 100 times more effective than either drug at killing the bacteria.

It remains to be seen if you can make dining out safer by simply ordering extra garlic on all your dishes — but whether you’re eating in a restaurant or staying home, there ARE plenty of good reasons to put some garlic in everything (with the possible exception of dessert): Garlic can fight heart disease, cancer and inflammation, lower blood pressure, and kill viruses as well as bacteria.

If you want all those benefits, skip the garlic powder and use fresh garlic cloves. Chop or crush them first, then let the mixture sit for 15 minutes at room temperature.

This causes an enzyme reaction that maximizes garlic’s benefits.

Then, add it raw to spreads and salads. If you can’t take it raw, add it to your dishes only during the final minutes of cooking (be careful here as too much heat will wipe out the benefits).

The only risks of excess garlic are social — but a few breath mints will take care of that.

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