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The diabetes ‘cure’ that fails more than half the time

Gut-shrinking surgery is no quick fix

It’s supposed to be “cutting edge” medicine for diabetics — literally — as doctors claim stomach-shrinking surgeries can actually cure the disease.

Well, anyone who bought that line was sold a bill of goods, because the latest research shows this “cure” fails far more often than it succeeds.

In the new study of 4,434 diabetics tracked for more than a decade after their stomach-shrinking surgeries, a third of the patients weren’t cured in the first place. And of those who were “cured,” 35 percent were back at square one within five years.

I’m no math whiz, so I’ll trust the researchers when they say it adds up to 56 percent who get either no benefit at all or just a fleeting one — but either way, it’s not the slam-dunk “cure” it’s been made out to be. (Just as I told you before, by the way)

Now, I’m sure some cutthroat surgeons will still try to sell you on the surgery by pointing to the 44 percent who were supposedly cured, but don’t fall for that load of hooey, either.

The study didn’t track that 44 percent to find out what made them so different, but I’ll bet you anything it had nothing to do with the surgery itself — and everything to do with what came next.

The dirty secret behind these procedures is that the operation itself is the EASY part. What comes next is HARD — and that’s a major commitment to serious lifestyle changes.

If you can’t commit, the surgery will fail. And if you can commit, you don’t need the surgery in the first place!

Since surgeons don’t make money by talking people out of surgery, you can see why they don’t exactly advertise that — but it’s true, and you don’t need me to prove it.

You can prove it to yourself, starting today.

Make those changes. Go low carb and watch the pounds melt away… watch your blood sugar normalize… watch your dependence on meds shrink and eventually vanish.

That’s a REAL cure. And you don’t need to go near a scalpel to get it.

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