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The first warning sign of dementia?

How depression could lead to dementia

Depression might keep you from leaving the house — but don’t let it keep you from seeing a doctor ASAP, especially if you’re a senior.

It could be the first warning sign of dementia.

Depression and dementia often run so closely together there’s a chicken-or-the-egg thing going on. Does the dementia cause the depression… or does the depression cause the dementia?

One new study of 2,000 seniors says they might happen together — but depression is the first outward sign, since depressed seniors with mild cognitive impairment have double the dementia risk of seniors with MCI who aren’t depressed.

But whether depression causes dementia or it’s merely a warning sign of the disease as it kicks in, your solution is still the same — and that’s to take action NOW to protect what’s left of your memory for the future.

There may not be a drug that can cure dementia, but there are natural treatments that can slow, stop, and even reverse the damage. The trick is to start as early as you can.

Fish oil, for example, can help protect the brain. So can vitamin D. But if you’re really looking for a one-stop shop for dementia prevention, look to B vitamins. These critical nutrients are showing such huge promise in early studies that they’re being tested right now as the next big dementia “drug.”

But you don’t have to wait for Big Pharma’s patented and expensive synthetic blend to hit the market to get the protection your brain really needs. You can start right now with what’s available from your favorite supplement shop.

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