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Bogus ADHD diagnoses on the rise

Millions of children drugged for no reason

Lunatics are drawn to psychiatry careers the way arsonists go into firefighting — so if you, your kids, or your grandkids have a real problem in the brain, the LAST person you want to see is a shrink.

Shrinks play one game and one game only, and that’s to get everyone hooked on meds requiring regular return trips to the office for prescription refills.

Since children have the potential to make those return trips for decades, they’re the golden ticket in this game — and that’s the REAL reason shrinks diagnose every child they meet with the bogus non-condition known as ADHD.

This scam has gotten so big now that new CDC numbers reveal 6.4 million U.S. children — including one in five high school boys — now supposedly have ADHD.

Let me put that number into perspective for you: That’s equal to the entire population of Tennessee.

The new numbers are a 16 percent increase in five years and a 41 percent leap over the past decade — and if you think that’s been a bonanza for shrinks, you should see what it’s doing for Big Pharma profits.

Sales of ADHD meds have more than doubled in five years, to $9 billion last year from $4 billion in 2007, according to the New York Times.

It’s so bad even the head of the CDC now admits kids are being over-treated.

Gee, ya think???

Don’t expect this to get better. In fact, it’s about to get much, much worse.

In just a few weeks, the loony birds that run the insane asylum known as the American Psychiatric Association are going to unveil new guidelines that will expand the ADHD diagnosis to cover millions of new children, making all of them eligible for meds.

But they don’t need meds. Most of the children who supposedly have this “disease” are just kids acting like kids.

(And shockingly, as I revealed last year, it’s the youngest amongst us that are most vulnerable to this over-diagnosis machine. Learn the facts here.)

Sure, some are a handful. And plenty are downright infuriating.

But instead of drugs, most of them just need some combination of better nutrition, fewer TV shows and videogames, and the firm-but-guiding hand of good discipline.

Sadly, all of the above are in short supply these days.

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