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Tylenol for anxiety?

Researchers claim painkillers can help with fear of death

Call me crazy, but I always thought death was one of those things we SHOULD be anxious about.

When you’re not anxious about the things that might kill you, you get careless. And when you get careless, you could wind up dead yourself — so in my book, fear of death is just about one of the most rational fears you could have.

So naturally, some people are looking for ways to eliminate it — and of course, it’s with a drug.

In one experiment, volunteers were given either acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) or a placebo, asked to reflect on their own deaths, and then told to write an essay about it. In another experiment, they were given the pills and forced to watch an unsettling David Lynch film.

Personally, I think anyone can be forgiven for popping a painkiller during a David Lynch film. And as it turned out, the drug did help people deal better with both the film and the essays.

But this isn’t some nifty little side effect to be leveraged to help ease anxiety or get through a lousy film — it’s a sure sign that the drug is screwing with your head in a way David Lynch only wishes he could.

It’s literally numbing your brain.

I’d like to say God only knows what else it’s doing in there, but the study actually gives us a hint at what else it’s doing: The volunteers who took Tylenol were also more accepting of immoral and even criminal activity such as prostitution and rioting.

How’s that for a side effect?

But people don’t think of the side effects — so if word gets out that Tylenol can help them deal with death, hookers, and David Lynch, you can bet they’ll start popping more pills.

And popping more of these pills is the last thing anyone needs — because acetaminophen overdose is already a leading cause of acute liver failure. It’s responsible for tens of thousands of hospitalizations and hundreds of deaths in the United States each year.

Use all painkillers only sparingly — never for anxiety or existential worry, and only for real pain when you’ve exhausted all other options.

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And if you need help dealing with David Lynch, I recommend the remote control instead.

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