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Statins cause breast cancer

New risks for women on cholesterol meds

There’s no lie they won’t tell to get people to take statins — and one of biggest whoppers they use is the idea that cholesterol meds can reduce the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer.

That’s a hunk of bunk — because low cholesterol in general may INCREASE your risk of cancer, especially breast cancer. And now, new research confirms that statin drugs in particular could cause that risk to shoot right up to the moon.

The longer you take the drugs, the higher your potential risk. And if you take them for a decade or more, your risk of the most common form of breast cancer — invasive ductal carcinoma — could double.

Yup… double the risk of the disease most women worry about more than anything else.

And if that’s not enough, taking statins for 10 years or more could cause your risk of another form of breast cancer, invasive lobular carcinoma, to jump by up to 250 percent.

Now, you know how I feel about breast cancer. It’s overdiagnosed and overtreated — because most breast tumors are positively harmless.

But you’d have to be nuts to do anything that would actually increase your risk — and clinically insane to deliberately DOUBLE it.

Besides, the whole reason your doc is trying to talk you into statins is a big, fat lie — because odds are, you don’t even need to lower your cholesterol in the first place.

Cholesterol is essential to memory, muscle and the immune system — and you need plenty of it for good health. Forget your doctor’s noises about LDL-this and HDL-that and look at your TOTAL cholesterol instead.

If it’s between 200 and 300, it’s as pretty as a picture. Lower than that, and it’s time to break out the skillet and fry up some steak and eggs — because you’re in the danger zone.

And if it shoots up above 300, you don’t need a drug to bring it down, you need a doc with the smarts to figure out what’s going on. I recommend an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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I’m not done with women’s health yet. Ladies, keep reading for one thing you’re afraid to talk to your doctor about.

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