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Gastric bypass surgery a slow killer

Weight loss surgery is a deadly widowmaker

When you’re a flight surgeon like I was, you spend a lot of long hours circling the skies in tin cans with wings. We fellas liked to one-up each other by bragging about all the planes we’d flown in, from the B-17 Flying Fortress to the Flying Tiger.

But there was one plane that sent chills up even the most seasoned airman’s spine. It was the B-26 Marauder, and it crashed so many times we took to calling it “The Widowmaker.” No soldier ever boarded the B-26 without his knees knocking.

Well, now it looks like the mainstream has inventing a widowmaker all its own, and the mere mention of this surgery should send your teeth chattering like an Eskimo in his underwear.

But before you can understand the risks, I need you to spend a minute forgetting every miserable, money-grubbing lie mainstream medicine has ever told you about gastric bypass surgery.

Hack happy surgeons are spending tens of millions of dollars a year trying to convince you gastric bypass surgery is more harmless than a napping kitten. They’ll ply you with stories of patients who saw their fat melt away like a snowball in a microwave. They’ll tell you most folks come through gastric bypass surgery just fine.

And they can make all these ludicrous claims because of one truth they’ll NEVER admit about gastric bypass. You see, like a slow-moving poison, this deadly surgery doesn’t kill its victims right away. But, rest assured, it kills them in droves.

A poor British man is taking a crash course in single parenting after his wife became the latest victim of gastric bypass surgery. Joanne Slater, who weighed 322 pounds, opted for the surgery to help her get pregnant.

Well, she got pregnant and dropped pounds, all right — but the problem was, Joanne couldn’t STOP losing weight (and she wasn’t the first, a quick check online turns up similar horror stories). Gastric bypass surgery starved Joanne to death, leaving her with nutritional deficiencies that required a steady stream of supplements just to keep her alive. Before long, she developed a deadly infection, and her husband made the heartbreaking decision to remove her from life support.

Now a three-year-old princess is growing up without a mom, and the whole episode isn’t slowing down the mainstream one bit. Just a couple weeks ago, the College of London released a study encouraging 2 million Brits to opt for bariatric surgery.

Believe me, the only thing mainstream medicine cares about thinning out is your wallet, and they’ll move heaven and earth to sell you on gastric bypass. But always remember that this deadly surgery can’t even promise the one thing you’d get from the B-26 Marauder — a quick death.

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