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Mainstream’s war on cholesterol could give you Parkinson’s

I once worked at a hospital with a guy who ran a suicide hotline — the kind that has phone booths on the bridge for people ready to jump.

“How do you talk these guys down?” I asked him one day.

“I tell them anything — and I mean anything — they want to hear,” he said. “If they say they need to talk to the president, I’ll tell them he’s on the other line — but they’ve gotta come down first.”

I suppose if there’s a case where you can justify a lie, it’s when a guy’s about to jump.

But odds are, your doc is pulling the same stunt on you, for a much less noble purpose. He’ll tell you anything — and I mean anything — he thinks you want to hear to get you to take a cholesterol drug.

He’ll figure out what you fear most, and then tell you the answer is a statin.

At risk for Alzheimer’s? Take a statin! Concerned about cancer? Have a statin! Panicked over Parkinson’s? Then you definitely need a statin!

Just like the president wasn’t really waiting on the other line, statins won’t really prevent any of those conditions — and the latest research shows how those drugs could actually CAUSE Parkinson’s disease.

Your doc will claim there’s a study or two out there that shows how patients on the drug have a lower risk of the condition, but the new study shows how those researchers got it exactly backward.

The patients weren’t protected by the drug. They were protected by the high cholesterol levels they had BEFORE they took the drug!

Once on statins, their LDL levels plunged along with their levels of coenzyme Q10, which is essential to nerve cells. And that, in turn, will ultimately increase your risk of Parkinson’s, according to the new study.

This makes perfect sense to me; Parkinson’s disease has been on the rise around the world, with the number of cases expected to jump from 4.1 million in 2005 to 8.7 million by 2030.

The more we cut cholesterol, the more Parkinson’s cases we have.

Bottom line here is that if you’re on a bridge and about to jump, forget what I wrote earlier and listen to what that guy on the phone says… unless he turns out to be a doc telling you to take a statin.

In that case, don’t jump. Invite him to talk in person — and toss his PRESCRIPTION PAD off instead.

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