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Study reveals — Eat MORE salt to save your skin

When you start a garden, the first pest you learn to deal with is the common slug. Those nasty critters aren’t just skin-crawlingly ugly; they’ll gobble up all your plants and leave a trail of slime from your patio to your garden.

But if you leave some salt on that patio and wait for them to slither into it, your slug problem will be history.

That’s not the only way salt can protect you from pests. Turns out, it can also fight bugs INSIDE your body — because new research shows that salt does to disease-causing bacteria what it does to slugs.

It wipes those suckers out!

When you get a cut or scrape, your sodium levels in the skin rise around the injury to fight the bacteria that cause infection. And in a new study, researchers got to see the disease-fighting powers of salt up close.

They infected a bunch of mice with Leishmania major, a bug responsible for nasty skin infections.

Some of the mice were given plenty of salt — and the more they ate, the bigger the immune response. Skin cells actually sent that extra salt right to the scene of the infection, where it treated that bacteria like a bunch of slugs.

It wiped those nasties right out!

And along with killing the germs on the surface, the extra sodium also formed a barrier that stopped the bacteria from getting under the skin and into the body – like a Great Wall of Salt to keep out invaders.

As a result, mice with more salt in the diet cleared their infections faster.

Then, in a series of tests on both mice and human cells, the researchers saw even more evidence of how salt stimulates the infection-fighting powers of the immune system.

And some folks still have the NERVE to say salt is bad for you!

Your body can’t send salt to fight bacteria if you don’t have enough of it in your body — and if you’re following mainstream guidelines, you don’t have much at all.

Even the researchers behind the new study are issuing all kinds of caveats and warnings about the supposed dangers of salt.

Hogwash! The ridiculously low sodium levels recommended by the mainstream are an affront to both good cuisine and good health, and studies consistently show that seniors on a low-salt diet have a HIGHER risk of serious health problems up to and including death itself.

Is it possible to get too much? You bet it is — but only if you eat the processed garbage that’s practically made of junk salt. Eat fresh home-cooked meals, and you can feel free to add as much salt as your taste buds demand.

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