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Feds new fluoride limits are a joke — but no one’s laughing

Next time you go to the zoo, be sure to visit the sloth exhibit. Make it your first stop and your last stop. Odds are, the sloth will be in exactly the same place, doing exactly the same thing: Nothing.

And if you’re suddenly reminded of the feds no one would blame you, because I can’t think of a more accurate representation of our government in “action.”

More than FOUR YEARS AGO the feds admitted we’ve been victimized by dangerously high levels of fluoride in the water. More than FOUR YEARS AGO they said they were going to set new guidelines. More than FOUR YEARS ago the Department of Health and Human Services said it would slash allowable levels almost in half.

And they’re just getting around to actually doing it right now.

The feds admit the 1.2 parts per million level they’ve been dumping in the water for years will cause “adverse effects” and are now cutting that recommendation to 0.7 ppm.

Naturally, they don’t want to talk much about those “adverse effects.” Press ’em on it, and they’ll claim the higher level is safe, but causes discoloration on the teeth.

But that discoloration isn’t purely cosmetic. It’s a sure sign of excess fluoride in the body — and while it’s the only damage you can see, it’s far from the only damage you’ll suffer.

Just a few months ago, new research proved that fluoride in the water — fluoride at levels well BELOW those in the new guidelines — can damage the thyroid and double your risk of hypothyroidism, leading to weight gain, depression and low energy.

Is it any coincidence that all three of those problems are running rampant in fluoride-soaked America?

Fluoride can also accumulate in the brain, leading to low IQ in children and dementia in adults. (Two conditions also running rampant.) The same fluoride that allegedly protects teeth can also cause brittle bone, especially in seniors already prone to bone problems.

The feds cut levels of exposure, but they didn’t eliminate it. That means your water is still tainted — and you shouldn’t take a sip without filtering it first.

There’s just one system that can effectively remove fluoride, and that’s reverse osmosis. Just be sure to have it installed where the water supply enters you home to ensure that every tap is protected.

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