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‘Brown breakthrough’ is the secret to burning off blubber FAST

Somewhere along the way, you picked up a spare tire.

For most folks, it starts out as a little jiggle in the middle somewhere around middle age. By the time you hit your 50s or 60s, it’s a full blown spare — maybe even a snow tire — and it seems like nothing you do will take the air out.

You’d think the last thing you’d want is to build up even MORE fat in your body. But as it turns out, a little extra fat is exactly what you need… as long as it’s the right kind.

You see you’ve got two kinds of fat, the jelly belly white blubber that piles up around your middle and the ultra-efficient, calorie-burning brown fat that uses the white stuff for fuel.

As you age you lose your brown fat and the white stuff piles up.

But the latest research shows you can transform some of your white fat into beige, a state in between the two forms of fat that acts more like brown fat — burning off the blubber so you can see your shoes again.

You’ve heard of resveratrol, the age-fighting, disease-beating polyphenol found in fruit such as grapes and berries. It’s been nicknamed “the fountain of youth” because this stuff may literally help extend your life.

But before it adds pages to your calendar, it can help subtract fat from your waistline — because the new study reveals resveratrol can ignite a process called browning, which converts useless white fat into that calorie-burning beige variety.

Two sets of mice were put on a diet designed to turn them into butterballs. But one group got a little bonus mixed in with their mouse chow: resveratrol. Despite being on the same diet, the lucky squeakers that got the resveratrol gained 40 percent less weight, and the researchers say it’s because their white fat turned to beige.

Yes, the study was on mice and not people so it’s not the last word on this. But since resveratrol packs dozens of other benefits, there’s certainly no harm in trying it.

To get the equivalent human amount used in the study, you’d have to eat about 12 ounces of resveratrol-rich fruit such as berries and grapes per day. If that’s a little too much sugar for you, try a supplement instead.

And that’s not the only way to get the job done.

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