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Statins linked to terrifying muscle disorder

If you want to see something really scary, forget what’s playing at the movies this weekend and head to your local pharmacy instead.

Read through the side effects of common drugs, and if what’s listed on the labels doesn’t give you nightmares, consider this: The WORST side effects are the ones they HAVEN’T told you about.

Consider statins, already notorious for body-aching muscle pain.

What they HAVEN’T told you is that these drugs taken by 45 million Americans won’t just cause muscle pain. They can actually cause your muscle tissue to die off right inside your body.

It’s an agonizing condition called necrotizing myopathy, once so rare I’d never even heard of anyone who had it back when I was in practice.

Today, it’s starting to pop up all over the place — and a new report finds that many of the patients who have necrotizing myopathy share one thing in common: statins.

By some estimates, between 60 percent and 82 percent of the patients who have this devastating condition had been on statins. In those over 50 who develop the condition, some 90 percent had been taking the drugs.

And what really turns this into a living nightmare is that the effect appears to be irreversible.

You can stop the drugs… but you can’t stop your muscle from dying off, because once the condition is spotted it’s too late to put the brakes on, according to the the study in Arthritis and Rheumatism.

The only thing docs can do is pump you full of more drugs such as steroids and meds to suppress the immune system to stop it from gobbling up its own muscle.

In a desperate attempt to save your muscle, they have to shut down your immune system — and that, in turn, means any germ you pick up could give you a life-threatening infection.

While necrotizing myopathy might still be rare, statin-related muscle problems are not. Along with the notorious muscle pain — and the muscle death — statins can also cause muscle to simply dissolve into your bloodstream.

The muscle particles then make a beeline for your liver. But since your liver can’t filter muscle, it grinds to a halt… and now you’re dealing with liver failure on top of everything else.

The only surefire way to beat these conditions is to make sure you don’t get them in the first place — so if you’re not on statins now, don’t get started. And if you are, work with your doc on a way off and don’t take “no” for an answer.

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