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Brain stents don’t work

There’s nothing more terrifying than a stroke — and when you’re in the ICU, lucky to be alive, you’ll be willing to do just about anything the docs order.

And that’s exactly when you need to be sure to not let your guard down, because some docs are still inexcusably cramming stents into the brains of stroke patients.

Never mind that multiple studies show stents can actually CAUSE another stroke. Never mind that studies show some patients who survive a stroke are then KILLED by their stents.

Some docs who seem to have some brain issues of their own still haven’t gotten the message.

While many docs have stopped using dangerous brain stents, some still sneak them in in the “acute” setting (you know, in those tense and terrifying hours right after a stroke).

But new research out of Germany confirms that it really doesn’t matter when, where or how they’re used… the results are the same: more dead patients.

The evidence is in, there’s no room for debate here. It’s quite clear stents aren’t being used to save patients they’re being used to pad pockets. Every time a doc roto-rooters a brain the procedure brings in a cool $20K.

It’s quick cash for them… and quick death for patients, because as I told you all the way back in 2011, brain stents DOUBLE the risk of another stroke increasing the odds you’ll be pushing up daises.

And just a few months ago another study confirmed those results.

How many more studies do we need before the feds finally take action and pull the approval on this thing? Every day they wait is a day another patient might suffer a needless stroke — a day another patient might die — due to a brain stent he never should’ve been given.

If you or a loved one suffer a stroke, make sure your docs get the message — make sure they know you don’t want a stent in your brain anymore than you want an extra hole in your head.

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