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Testosterone not linked to blood clots

The folks at the FDA might want to consider changing their focus from regulating medicine to cooking.

Because, once again, they’re sporting enough egg on their faces to grill up the world’s biggest omelet. It turns out the agency was DEAD WRONG about one of the biggest and most dramatic warnings it has issued in recent years.

Testosterone therapy has been increasing in popularity as men in their middle ages and older realize it can make them sharper, slimmer, smarter and better in bed.

It’s the single best cure for the doldrums that strike right around the age of 50.

But the fact that this natural therapy can do all that safely and effectively drives Big Pharma batty — so the industry’s pals at the FDA have been issuing warnings left and right, blaming hormone therapy for everything up to (and probably including) the Kennedy assassination.

One of those warnings was over venous thromboembolism, a type of blood clot. This wasn’t just some general announcement, either. The agency actually forced makers of testosterone supplements to put a big warning on the label despite no actual study to confirm that risk.

But now a major new study on some 30,000 men proves the warning is 100 percent bunk – and that I’ve been right all along.

No increased risk from hormone creams… no increased risk from hormone patches… and no increased risk from hormone injections, according to the study in the prestigious journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

This is no surprise; testosterone keeps blood flowing and prevents clots. But if you think the FDA will retract its idiotic warning, think again.

They have a track record to uphold here. After the agency issued a similarly misguided warning over testosterone and supposed heart risk, multiple studies proved that claim to be false too.

One study even revealed that testosterone therapy could CUT your risk of heart attack and death.

Yet that warning still stands.

Maybe the FDA is simply having trouble seeing through all that egg on their face.

So don’t be intimidated by those warnings, gents. If your doc thinks your hormone tank is low, feel free to follow his advice and get yourself topped off. You’ll feel better than you have in years, maybe even decades.

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