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Could the key to beating Alzheimer’s really be this simple?

The only thing worse than being told a loved one has Alzheimer’s is what happens next.

It’s watching the disease take its toll… watching someone you love lose everything… and watching yourself become a complete stranger in their eyes.

But the worst part of all isn’t the toll of the disease. It’s the toll of the drugs given to “treat” the condition.

These drugs can’t stop or reverse Alzheimer’s. The best they can do is maybe

For everyone else, the drugs lead to a whole new world of nightmares, including an early death — and all the while, doctors will claim it’s the “only option.”


It’s not your only option. There are natural therapies that can do what drugs can’t — they can help slow the disease down, or even turn it around, and they can do the job without the life-wrecking and life-ending side effects.

One new study finds a powerful natural antioxidant that I’m sure you’ve heard of (and maybe even take yourself) that can help patients with full-blown Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s resveratrol, or what’s often called the “red wine antioxidant” because it’s found in grape skins.

In the new study, 119 Alzheimer’s patients were given either resveratrol supplements or a placebo. Those who got the resveratrol improved in daily function, they were able to do things like dress and bathe themselves, allowing them to keep some measure of independence.

Naturally, the researchers are saying this is a “high dose” and “don’t try this on your own” and “you can’t really trust supplements anyway.”

That’s so much bunk that I don’t even know where to begin.

The 1,000 mg dose per day isn’t high; it’s a common dose found in many supplements, most of which you absolutely CAN trust.

So let me tell you what’s really going on here: The researchers wrote they want to create a version of resveratrol that’s been “pharmacologically manipulated” — and that’s their exact wording.

Translation: They want to create a synthetic resveratrol, which means they would be able to patent it and sell it at a huge markup to desperate patients.

Don’t let them get away with it.

Resveratrol is clearly not an Alzheimer’s cure, but it’s looking like a darned good starting point. If a loved one is suffering from this disease, talk to a naturopathic doc about adding resveratrol to his routine.

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