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Study: No danger from a roll in the hay after a heart attack

It doesn’t matter how strong you are today.

You could be tougher than leather, with the strength of a moose — but it could all change in a flash.

A heart attack is one of those Come to Jesus moments where life is never the same again. Once you’re out of intensive care… once you’re back in your own home… you feel like a completely different person.

You go from feeling rough-and-tumble and ready for action to more delicate than a porcelain doll and ready for bed.

Well, my friend, you’re not as delicate as you might think you are. And while you might be spending a little more time in bed, you can be ready for action there, too.

New research confirms that heart attack patients CAN have sex again — and that in many cases, they can put their boxsprings to the test within days of coming home from the hospital!

I know that might sound crazy. Nothing gets the heart pumping like a roll in the hay.

But it’s true, because the study of 536 heart attack patients ranging in age from the 30s all the way up the 70s finds no link at all between sex and new heart problems.

Over the course of a full decade, these folks suffered a combined total of 100 new heart problems — and sex was a factor in exactly none of them. And despite the persistent myth about a roll in the hay causing heart attacks only 0.7 percent had sex in the hour before a heart problem, according to the study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Obviously, you do need a little time to recover. But in most cases, you get your mojo back pretty quick: As a general rule, if you can climb two flights of stairs or go for a brisk walk, you can safely have sex.

Of course speak with your doc first, and don’t be shy about it (don’t worry; he’s heard it all before). But be sure to have that chat, because sex isn’t just safe during your recovery…

It’s essential!

Folks who remain sexually active — especially seniors — have a lower risk of chronic health problems and a better immune system, not to mention a pretty big smile most of the time.

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