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The ladies’ night order that could slash heart attack risk by 30%!

I don’t know who came up with the dopey myth that beer is for men and wine is for women.

I’ve got space in my cabinet for liquor and wine, and the bottom shelf of my fridge is always reserved for my stash of cold brews.

It’s not just good to have a variety of drinks on hand. Each one also packs its own set of unique health benefits — and ladies, beer is bubbling over with some extra protections just for you!

New research shows that knocking back a couple brews a week could help women prevent one of the world’s leading killers.

The study of some 1,500 women in Germany — where they know a thing or three about beer — finds that downing suds just twice a week will cut the risk of a potentially deadly heart attack by 30 percent.

If that benefit came from a pill bottle, you can bet you’d have to pay an arm and a leg for it (and swallow a few side effects for good measure).

But since you can get it from a beer bottle, heart protection is available for about $7.99 a six-pack.

Just don’t overdo it; the study finds that for beer specifically the sweet spot is twice a week. That’s where the benefit maxes out — and drinking too much can cause heart problems instead.

But if you keep your habit a moderate one, you’ll get more than just heart protection (as if that’s not enough), because beer is also the single best natural source of dietary silicon.

That’s an essential building block for bone, and is especially critical for women who are at risk of bone thinning and even bone breaks as they get older.

There aren’t many food sources of silicon, but you’ll find it in beer — especially hoppy beers such as IPAs — and you’ll find it in a form that your body can easily use and put to work.

So make tonight ladies’ night, because cracking open an “adult beverage” or two is the perfect recipe for good times, good friends and good health.

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