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- Hate Colonoscopies? There’s Another Way…

As I’ve said for a long time, I’m not a big fan of most cancer screenings. They’re unnecessary… lead to a lot of “overtreatment”… and are REALLY invasive. Take, for instance, colonoscopies. OUCH, right? I have to admit that colonoscopies are effective at detecting and preventing certain kinds of cancer. But colonoscopies could leave you […]

- An EASY Colonoscopy?! (It’s Possible!)

There’s a LONG list of agonizing things most people would rather do instead of a colonoscopy: Work on the taxes Listen to heavy metal music Have a long chat with the in-laws Clean a truck stop Heck, even watching “The View” might seem like the more painless option! (Then again…) But you DON’T have to […]

- How a colonoscopy could HURT you

It’s a test that you’d like to think we can all get behind – and for the most part, I’m a backer of this one. Unlike other cancer screenings, a colonoscopy doesn’t lead to more endless tests and screenings, and it doesn’t drive patients into operations and drugs they don’t need. It’s a one-and-done deal, […]

- Is your doctor giving you an upsell?

It’s called the upsell, and these days you’ll find it everywhere. Whether it’s a waiter who tries to talk you into an overpriced bottle of wine… a “personal stylist” who wants to sell you pants with that shirt… or a car salesman who wants you to spring for the “sport” edition… everyone is looking to […]

- The cancer test that could KILL you

Haven’t had a colonoscopy? I get it. You’d rather have a tax audit! Well, friend, if you’ve been ducking the old pipe-cleaner, the medical mainstream has no shortage of “alternate” options for you. Just one problem: “Virtual” colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopies, and the rest of them all miss the mark in a BIG way. They all stink […]

- Death sentence for kidney patients!

If Medicare or any health insurance company is looking for a mascot, I recommend the vulture. Your insurers are supposed to HELP you when you’re sick… and these vultures will help you, all right. They’ll help you DIE by using any excuse they can to deny you life-saving treatments! Just look at the latest “research” […]

- Stop colon cancer in its tracks — WITHOUT superbug infections!

You know that I’m an advocate for colon cancer screening — and I believe it can save your life. But recently a colleague of mine, Dr. Marc S. Micozzi, started raising some serious questions about colonoscopies that you deserve to know about. For example, did you know that there are alternatives to colonoscopies that come […]

- Canada deprives its citizens of life-saving cancer test

If you want to see everything screwy about socialized medicine, turn your eyes to the north. The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care has just issued a penny-pinching new guideline for colon cancer screening that’s guaranteed to KILL people in that country — and it’s all in the name of keeping healthcare “affordable.” The […]

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